Discover Kea island

A small guide to the sights of the island

The beaches

It is impossible to describe briefly the beauties of the beaches of Kea. There are three categories: those which are accessible to visitors via turnpike, those that can be visited by car, yet via dirt road and those that are totally untrodden and accessible only on foot. Needless to say, that the more difficult the access, the more remarkable a beach is. Still, the beaches of Koundouros, Poissoi, Ogia, Korisia and Gialiskari that are easily accessible are really beautiful. Even though our car will have trouble arriving at Straili, Sukamia, Kampi and Xula, we will really enjoy ourselves there. As for the small and remote beaches, the small and big “pountes”, they are incomparable to picturesqueness, cleanliness and beauty.

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