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Trail 5: «Karthaia network»

Kato Meria – Kalodouka – Pigi Vathipotamou – Karthaia

This route is one of the accesses that lead to the archeological area of Karthaia. It starts from the settlement of Kato Meria, where the archeological service has manufactured a wooden educational kiosk with information and pictures from the work that has been done for the erection of Karthaia. After our briefing we walk down the trail that leads to the country church of Agios Georgios. From that point on we follow the signs to the spring of Kalodouka. The trail is pleasant with successions of brown and green on the slopes of and the stream of Vathupotamos. When we reach the spring of Kaladouka, we rest for a while and then we continue towards Karthaia or “Poles”, as the natives call it, passing by Vathupotamos spring. For our return we will choose one of the access roads, depending on where the car that will take us back to Ioulida will be waiting for us.

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