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Discover the unknown island of Kea

Trail 10: «Ydrousa»

Ioulida – Vrisi Veniamin – Agios Dimitrios – Spathi

In route no.1 we mentioned the way from Ioulida to the spring of Veniamin up to the point where the road splits leading to Dosonari on the left and to Straili straight ahead. We will follow the trail to Straili and reach the small church of Agios Dimitrios. Within a few meters starts the downhill trail to the stream of Straili. This is a paved, well-taken–care-of trail, easy to walk on. It is possible to meet dense flora in the beginning of the stream with wickers and oleanders obstructing our way. The scenery changes after a while with fields on our left and right, whereas up we see the “notines” (southern) and “vorines” (northern) as the natives call them in the local dialect. At the end of the stream we see the beach of Straili stretching its marvelous sandbank and sea with crystal clear waters. The southeastern direction gives the beach the opportunity to clear itself, as the northern winds coming from the stream drift any pollution away to the sea. On our way back we can also drive on dirt road which is quite rough.

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