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Discover the unknown island of Kea

Trail 4: «Drys»

Moni Episkopis – Sotira – Pera Meria – Tria Maderika – Sykamia

This route starts at Guristis, which we have already mentioned. We walk along the narrow trail towards the post-Byzantine monastery of Episkopi, where we see the small church of Panagia among the ruins of the old monastery. Then, we head down to the paved trail under the perennial oak trees and arrive at the spring of Sotira which has cool running water, facilities in order to do the laundry and well-taken-care of gardens. While ascending after Sotira, one can only ponder how difficult it was in the old days for the men to do so carrying a footstool on their shoulder and for the women a basket full of washed clothes. The road becomes easier and leads to Pera Meria, where we see traditional cottages, which are called “kathikies”. We can return to Ioulida by car or head down to the beach of Sykamia, if we have the spirit, passing by the spring “Tria Maderika”, which does not have much water. This is the end of our route, but after our swim we will need to climb the difficult part up to Pera Meria, unless there is a car waiting for us, having arrived via a difficult dirt road.

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