Hiking trails

Discover the unknown island of Kea

Trail 1: «Leon»

Ioulida - Leon - Dosonari - Diaseli - Otzias

We begin from the square of Ioulida and head east to the paved trails. We meet the church of Agios Spyridonas and the spring of Kourentis. Once we pass by the cemetery, we reach ancient Leon, a lithic statue carved into the rock. There we make a short stop, in order to take some pictures. Then, we continue towards the spring of Veniamin, where a perennial sycamore tree welcomes us, while the spring offers us cool water. Following the small signs we reach an intersection. The trail continues to the right with route 10 to Straili, whereas route 1 to the left shelves to Otzias. Here we see Dosonari, a paved trail that leads to Kampia with oak trees on every direction. Going towards Kokkinoi- by a valley of wild beauty- we reach Diaselli, a hill where we come in view of the beautiful bay of Otzias. We have reached the end of our route and are now ready to enjoy our swim in the clear waters of Otzias.

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