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Discover the unknown island of Kea

Trail 9: «Artemis»

Ioulida - Myloi - Tholos - Kalogerados - Amarathia - Ellinika - Agios Panteleimonas - P. Loutriani

Beginning from Ioulida we go up the mills and following the signs we take the agrarian road to Tholos. Going down the step-like trail, we reach Kalogerados, an area overgrown with oak, as well as fruit-bearing trees. Through the gully we are led by a manageable trail which crosses the forest to Amarathia and Ellinika. If we head to Ellinika, we end up to an intersection with an agrarian road. There, we can either return to Ioulida by car or continue with routes 3 or 8. If we head to Agios Panteleimonas we can visit the homonymous monastery and the Sunthronos of Agios Timotheos with Byzantine frescos. Going down the mountain we reach Agia Eirini and from there Panagia Loutriani. Once we enter the yard, we can see the marble bath from which the church took its name. From Loutriani we can return to Ioulida by car or on foot turning to advantage some of the alternative choices. In the latter case, we must be especially practiced in trekking.

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