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Trail 6: «Karthaia network»

Stavroudaki – Haltsidio – Pigi Vathipotamou – Karthaia

At Stavroudaki there is a big sign on the provincial road which shows that on the left we head to Karthaia. If we travel further on approximately 800m by a small car, we arrive at Haltsidio, where we can see an ancient tower. This is the point where the ancient paved trail begins. It is quite well preserved located among sages, which odorize our passing. We head down perceiving from afar the opposite slope with its country churches and old farmhouses. After a small detour we reach the spring of Vathipotamos. Here, we can see the old aqueduct of Karthaia, as well as contemporary farmers’ crofts. Following the stream in an amazing route among oleanders, reeds and wickers we reach the sandy beach. On our right, there is the small church of Panagia, on our left there is the ancient theater, half buried in the ground, whereas looking up we can spot the archeological area. The thing that will remain unforgettable to us is the swim in the crystal clear sea. The return is a little bit hard, as we need to climb and lasts approximately 1.10΄.

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