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Trail 12: «Poihessa»

Panahra - Agia Marina - Poisses - Poisses Beach or Katomeria - Poisses - Poisses Beach

At the point of Sklavonikola, we turn right to the central motorway Ioulida-Pisses and take the dirt road that leads to Vroskopos. After 1.5 km we see on our left the entrance to the trail with the sign Panahra-Agia Marina. After a while, we arrive at the ancient Tower of Panahra, which is deserted but quite impressive. Moving along the same trail we arrive at the bigger tower of Agia Marina, which is still erected despite the centuries, earthquakes, invasions and storms that have struck it. The little white church of Agia Marina is standing next to it, an old monastery, whereas not much further down there is a spring with running water, allegedly the best water on the island. Leaving the Tower behind us, we walk along a narrow agrarian road, where after a while, at the point of Kremasti, it continues downhill to Pisses. As we move along the rocky mountainside and gaze the steep rocks of Plagia, that lead to the stream, we realize that this route is fantastic, with its wild beauty. Once we go down the plain of Pisses, we are compensated by the calm scenery of the gardens, fruit-bearing trees and houses of the local cultivators. Nevertheless, the biggest enjoyment is the swim at the beach of Pisses which has a velvet sandbank. One can reach the same destination starting from Agios Nikolaos in Kato Meria and following the route with the wonderful view and the dense flora to the spring of Hionatos and from that point on to the stream of Pisses. This route is joined with the previous one 2 km prior the beach of Pisses.

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